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Each blanket is lovingly designed by you. You select design, size, two colors and of course, the name to be used for your blanket. The blankets are soft, yet durable enough to become baby's special loving blanket and 100% acrylic makes them easy to maintain. A ruffled edge is used instead of a fringe or tassles, so there is no worry of a choking hazard.

Even though the blankets were originally designed as a child's blanket, they make thoughtful gifts for adults as a throw. As you look through this website - you will see full size blankets and also swatches.  The full size gives you an idea as to what the blankets look like. The swatches show you each design.  When you see a swatch that you like, you just click on it. You then type in the name - Please be sure of the spelling as once it is knitted, it cannot be changed. Remember, correct spelling is a must as we do not accept returns on incorrectly placed orders.

Crib size blanket are approximately 30 inches by 50 inches.

Carriage size blankets are approximately 30 inches by 40 inches.


Choosing colors;

You will choose a main color first from our list of colors that come up. When choosing the trim color, all the colors that work well with the main color will show. Just pick one. It will be a good contrasting color. You do have the option to add a middle name. Just click on it and type in the name.

A date can also be added. Take notice. date will show on blanket as, example; 10 - 10 - 18Also: As you look at the blankets, notice that the design and name appear 4 times across and depending on the design and if middle name and date is included, may appear only 2 or 3 times up and down. 

Name, middle name and date will look like this:  Example;      Daniel     And that will show 4 times across... and up and down.
                                                                                              10 - 10 - 18




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